Kaltik was established in 2002 by Conor Manweiler. His aim was to support the Irish rollerblading scene. He wanted to produce clothing and hardware and sponsor a team. The team started out with six Irish riders in 2002. It has expanded to thirteen, with four overseas riders; Balazs Zima (Hungary) Jirka Tomasek (Czech Republic) Keir Lindsay (Scotland), and Steven Swain (England).

The Irish riders are; Kevin Mc Gloughlin, Paraic Mc Gloughlin, Conor Manweiler, Gordo Macallion, Jay Gorman, Daniel Gorman, Jay Mulligan, Albert Hooi and Joey Egan. Throughout the years Kaltik has made a variety of clothing: fleece jackets, polo shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, caps and beanies. A team DVD was released in 2004, filmed in Ireland with the help of many Irish rollers.

In 2006 Kaltik designed a prototype Frame which was later sold to a U.K. production company. Kaltik created Kaltik Hardware in 2008 and the Freestyle Frame was produced. They are currently designing a Stealth Flat Set-up Frame to be released in early 2010, and a second team DVD in the making.

Thanks’ to all the rollers that made kaltik happen and all people involved - Conor

2010 Kaltik Hardware Ltd

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