Kaltik Hardware was formed in 2008 after the production of the Kaltik freestyle stealth frame.

Early prototypes of the first sample of Kaltik Frames back in 2002.
Kaltik Freestyle Stealth Frame

Kaltik Freestyle frame is super light and super strong.
Made from a durable and unique plastic compound.
  • Available is Black and White
  • Produced in 2 sizes s/m and m/l
  • The weight of a s/m pair of Kaltik freestlyle frames including hardware is 500grms
  • The weight of a m/l pair of Kaltik freestlye frames including hardware is 600grms
  • We recomend the s/m size frames fit size 5 - 8 uk skates .
  • We recomend the m/l  size frames fit size 8 - 12  uk skates


We are currently working on our new flat set up stealth frame .

Below are some different prototypes over the past months .
We have finished testing our new Stealth Flat Ste-up frame.
Here are some exclusive images to how they will look!


International Customers

Kaltik Frames are now available in the U.S.A exclusively through -  Agressive Mall

Hungary exclusively through - Skate World

Japan & China - Ease Int.