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Team TRS Swain - Kaltik Frames Edit

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2010 St.Patricks Weekend Jam

Thanks to all who showed up for this years Paddys weekend of madness, without you guys we couldn't have made it happen and a big thanks to all our sponsors .. Wreckless, Fix Bearings, Hedon Skate, Bhc and Tg4 and of course SofD.

This year we ran the competitions/jams over 3 days, Friday night was a late night park session for the over 18s, Saturday was the park comp, which consisted of a under 14 and over 14s comp and the best trick comps which had the cash prize. Little Jack Woodruffe from the Swords crew won the under 14s and also won the best trick for kids. Jay Gorman won the over 14s with a selection of high tech grinds on the coping and on the boxes.

The best trick comp for the older guys went amazingly with such a great session and atmosphere Joey Egan was doing huge flatspins over the quarter to quarter channel and huge rewind flatspins from the vert wall to the lower quarter on the right. Russell Dineen from Scotalnd busted out some tech hammers like cab up the quarter to zero spin fishy on one of the high girders to back into the quarter and some sick huge truespin wallrides over the grindbox.

Cammy from Scotland really skated very hard and was the first person ever to gap from the quarter on the street course over the barrier to soul on the wall next to the small mini ramp. Soon after, Albert gapped to back royale on the same wall then top acided it and topped it off with a fishy and tru mizou 360. SICK.

I could spend all day righting about the best trick comp and how great the standard of skating was and how unreal and lifting the atmosphere and vibe was, but I will try get to the point! Cammy destroyed the park doing stuff people had never done and skated so consistent. Somehow Cammy was building so much speed he was flatspinning gaps that people are happy just straight gapping and wallriding over the 14th foot wallride that most are happy to get somewhere near the top off, but what really took the title was when he launched out of the quarter and backsided on the girder about 10 foot up and then gapped into the flatbank. Congrats to Cammy on his victory in this years skatepark best trick comp.

That night Brother Ali played a gig in town, so a few of us went there, was a great night from what I remember! The Sunday was the Street competition myself and Lynch had picked out the spots and booked a 53 seater bus which brought the rollers from spot to spot.

We first went to Sandyford marble ledges, which are low long and perfect for a first spot as theres so many of them which allows everyone to skate without it getting to hectic.

We didn't stay to long there and moved on to the next spot which was only around the corner, a disaster ledge on the right with a kink at the end. At this spot tricks went down and a session was had by many, which was great to see.

Spot three was the infamous Stillorgan rails which are low and long, with mellow steps on one side and a bank on the other, we didnt stay to long here as the rail being long not alot of tricks went down.

Spot four the final stop was more of a hammer spot with two nice kinked rails, a big bank for launching from one level car park to the next and then two big step ass rails. Here it was easy to see who was taking the title, Johnny Mulligan topping of the session with a 450 royale on the rugged steep rail. Congrats to Johnny for taking another street comp title here in Ireland (now everyone know where Johhny got his new nickname comp whore!)


Results for the 2010 St. Paddys Street Comp

1st Johnny Mulligan
2nd Keir Lindsay
3rd Al Hooi







Paddys Weekend

All is underway for this years weekend of madness!
St.Paddys weekend 19- 21st of March

The bus for the street comp on Sunday 21st of March will
leave portobello ledges @ 1.30am

There is thought to be 40 seats or so left on the bus,
so if you wish to reseve a seat either email myself This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or you can book/pay at the SOFD skatepark of
Dublin, Santry.

This bus will be going from street spot to street spot on the day
and when the comp is over will be heading back into town to
let everyone out around 6ish ..



New Riders

KALTIK would like to welcome one of its new team riders, Glasgow legend and Skullfuck representative , Keir Lindsay .

Check out the edit Keir was nice enough to make for us



Paddys Day Event info

This year the St. Paddys Day Jam will be big
Its been many a year since we have run this event over a weekend .
so we are very much so looking forward to this years jam ...
its a must for any rollerblades to put this down on there calenders or in your diary
Hope to see you there

Kevin Mc Gloughlin Edit

Kevin Mc Gloughlin has been making edits and doing design for years now and in the recent years himself and his bro Paraic have got big in to street art .
Check out this edit Kevin made recently which has gone up on woozer.com {one of the biggest street art websites in the World}


St. Patrick's Day Event

This year we will be holding the annual St.Patricks day event over the weekend of 19th -21st of March
This will the 12th annual event ... one of the longest running in Europe if not the world ...

This year we have big plans for the event and plan for it to be huge ..

check the Events section for more info


Steve Swain Edit

Our latest team rider Steve Swain was kind enough to make another killer edit of him skating the new flat stealth frames.



TEAM TRS- Stephen Swain Kaltik Park Edit from jordan maders on Vimeo.


New Riders

Kaltik is proud to introduce its new Team riders for 2010 Steven Swain , Joey Egan , Keir Lindsay and
Russell Dineen.
Edits and pictures of our new riders will added to the site soon.


The SofD, Santry

For those from Ireland who are sick of the crappy weather or who are just sick of skating in the rain. Well now you cant complain with a new Skate Park and being the only indoor park in the Rep. of Ireland. Skatepark Of Dublin  is just under 5000 sq  with wall to wall ramps and grindboxes. It is located in Santry, North Dublin.

Join the bebo or facebook by clicking on the logos below



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Old News is Good News

December 2009

Kaltik wishes you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year !

For those who live in Ireland here is a link to the Facebook page for the Skatepark Of Dubin the park which is offically open to the public from the 1st of January ....check it out

SofD Santry

November 2009

We are still working hard trying to get our new frame out.
There will be a limited run of customised freestlye frames released as pro model for Kevin and Paraic Mc Gloughlin .

Other news, we hope to have our new website up before the new year .

There is a new indoor park being built now in Santry on the northside of Dublin city ,we have heard rumours in should be open by January

We hope to have the plans for the skatepark online soon !

Europes longest running annual rollerblade gathering takes place again this month in the usual location
Rampworx in Liverpool England.

This year Kaltik has a trade stall at the event , where we hope to show our new frame off .
So if your going to be there , make sure to pop by the stall and check out some of our new products !

For more info check HERE

Also check JirkaTomasek's set up sessions interview on Be-mags homepage.

Be Mag
More News

September 2008

We have been busy working on our new flat set-up frame design which we hope to have ready before the new year .Some of the team have been busy testing them.

August 2009

Kaltik Frames are now available in the U.S.A exclusively through -  Agressive Mall

Hungary exclusively through - Skate World

Japan & China - Ease Int.

Jully 2009

Kaltik have a new rider from the Czech Republic, Jirka Tomasek. Check out his review and edit skating Kaltik Stealth Frames.