Name : Conor Manweiler
Date Of Birth : 29-7-85
Time Rolling :
since the bauer fx and rollerblade tarmac days back in 95 / 96 .. over half my life now and still love it
Views On Rolling : I
ts made me who I am , I honestly believe that you can learn alot from rollerblading , besides from travelling and meeting new freinds all over theĀ place .also its helped me so much over the years when times are hard and when i get down i go and do some tricks that make me feel good again
Other Interests Besides Rollerblading: vintage cars {bmw e30s} , my girlfreind Isabel and art and design
Do You Go To School, College Or Work :
I do Kaltik stuff almost everyday
Ideas For The Future : keep skating ,, stay healthy and fitĀ and stop smoking
Shout Outs: My parents , Isabel , all teh kaltik kmt crew ! and every rollerblaed all over the globe
Videos :