Joey Egan


Name:Joey Egan
Date Of Birth:01.05.84
Time Rolling :16 years
Views On Rolling :keeping the sport alive with the love to roll and the love for rollerbladring
Other Interests Besides Rollerblading:graff,ladies,football,all irish sports
Do You Go To School, College Or Work :could not wait to finish just went to please my mum ......
Ideas For The Future :to make the sport of rollerblading bigger and better, keep working in the sport ie , a park shop u no wot i mean
Shout Outs:kaltik,mum,dad,sis,bros sf crew, albert hooi, leon humphries,guido rosenkranz, chaz sands, oli short blake bird paul otool ,mackie eng and scot and any one who ever meet me or skated with me in my life so far
Videos/Images will get some soon for working on it